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Lexie is the Saint at our residence, near Clay Center, KS.  She is our only dog. It would be an overstatement to say our place exists only for our pets comfort, however, not by much!  She is a smooth coated Saint that does not have ropes of saliva.  AKC does not recognize "dry mouths".  However, ropes of saliva from St. Bernards mouths on me and my clothes was the primary reason I was opposed to St. Bernards 25+ years ago.  Since my sister-in-law researched them and received a "dry mouth" female over 25 years ago, I've been a convert.
I kept Lexie from Gracie's last litter in 2011.  
  We are only 20 minutes from Manhattan, KS, 2+ hours from Wichita, KS or Kansas City, MO. We can often arrange puppy transportation to Denver, CO.  We are a short drive from Interstate 70 or Interstate 135.  
 Judy's first St. Bernard was a female, El Jay, and that was the beginning of a wonderful romance with St. Bernards and the Schneider family.  We do not suffer from saliva slobbers.


We have only one breeding female and she is a pet or family member.  She is not caged and loves to go along when we ride horses.  She spends her days lazing about the yard, swimming in the pond or overseeing the many sights and sounds of the country.  She would love to be a lap dog! She outgrew our laps and has to settle for petting, brushing and affection.     
LewAnn is a licensed veterinarian with 25years in the profession.  She has a lifelong love of animals.  Raising St. Bernards for the pet owner is a natural extension of that.  The puppies have been provided a wonderful environment before they go to their new homes.  Contact her at 785 485 2171 or . 
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